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Tree Plantation

The subject “Environment Protection” has produced heat waves of discussion in the Global arena and The United Nations climate talk in “Copenhagen” involving nearly 192 countries active participation endorses the view. Scientists opine that a rise of 2 degree C will rob many of their livelihoods and push them to the edge of hunger. Similarly a rise of 3 degree C will cause a rise in the sea level and mass extinction of species. From their findings a single tree would observe 20 Kilograms of carbon-dioxide and emit 14 Kilograms of oxygen and so on.

Under the Energy & Environment Division AHIMSA has been successful in converting 60,000 acres of waste land for Jatropha cultivation and also in private lands. The Department of Science & Technology of Govt. of India, seeing the enthusiasm of AHIMSA gave a grant of Rs 1.10 crores to set up a Bio diesel plant which is in operation in Dindigul which converts the Jatropha seeds from the waste land and private lands and converts it into bio diesel which is sold to the Defence services and the Indian Railways. Although there is huge demand for the bio diesel, the plant is unable to get sufficient raw material for conversion. AHIMSA also installs Reverse Oxygen water treatments in villages to help rural communities get clean drinking water.

As one of our objectives is to contribute towards environment protection and reduction of Global Warming, through reduced CO2 emission we have launched our “Tree Plantation program” in the presence of our Former President His Excellency “Bharat Ratna” Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on the 6th of June 2011 at Villupuram to coincide with the World Environment day. The laudable objective of the programme is to plant 6.5 crore saplings to start with to cover 6.5 crore population of Tamil Nadu. The seedlings selected for the Tree planting program are:

  1. Jatropha
  2. Pungamia
  3. Neem

The seedlings namely Jatropha, Pungamia and Neem will be planted according to the soil condition of a particular location. The produces from these plants are processed for their bio-fuel as well as medicinal values. The required seedlings were produced with the help of our Women self-help groups in 42 districts throughout Tamil Nadu for the tree planting programme. The planting of 6.5 crore seedlings will be carried out by AHIMSA’s Volunteers, unemployed youth, labourers, NSS Students from various colleges, School students and also Multi National companies as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.