Elder Care Centres

In the day to day world, the senior citizens are facing much problems to spend their remaining life peacefully amidst the busy schedule of their sons or daughters. AHIMSA has a plan to help these senior citizens with the help of volunteers and skilled unemployed youth. For this AHIMSA has already started Geriatric training in our paramedical institutes all over Tamil Nadu. We have also planned to impart advanced training to these candidates in collaboration with Philippines Institute. These senior citizens can be brought under four categories.

  1. Senior citizens who are totally neglected and uncared by their grown up children and roaming on the streets for a loaf of bread. For the welfare of these people, AHIMSA has requested the Government to provide sufficient land to construct a home for their rehabitation.
  2. Senior citizens taken care of by the adult children with great difficulty as they have to go out of the houses to attend their daily works for their livelihood. Hence the senior citizens are kept under lock and key within the house itself for the safety and security of both. Here in this case, the senior citizens suffer from the loneliness and other age related diseases. AHIMSA has planned to start a day care centre to attend these type of people with nursing care, nutrition, religious activities and entertainment for their mind relaxation etc
  3. Senior citizens admitted in the Old age homes on their own expenses and they are taken care of.
  4. Senior citizens having sufficient wealth and caring minded grown up children. These people are in need of a protected shelter with all facilities to feel at home nature. The grown up children of many such senior citizens are employed in abroad countries. These NRIs are requesting AHIMSA to arrange for a Home with all facilities to take care of their old age parents. This home will be constructed at Chembarampakkam village at Poonamalle Block at Thiruvallur District. One can reach this home by 20 minutes drive from Chennai Air port.